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Improve Results 21% in Two Weeks

Get daily actionable alerts for your in-flight ads to optimize budget allocation, audience targeting and more.

Do more in only 8 minutes a day

The average Pattern89 customer spends 8 minutes a day in our platform and 0 minutes in spreadsheets.

Tech you can trust

Sometimes A.I. feels like B.S. But, Pattern89 offers unparalleled data transparency you can feel good about.

Analyze your ad creative

The Pattern89 Planner analyzes over 2,900 ad dimensions to find the trends and outliers that work across all your campaigns.

Dig deeper on copy, images and video

Go beyond top-line ad set metrics to find the best-performing words, emojis, image tags, video length and more.

Settle the [creative] score

Use our data-backed creative planner to drop the mic on internal creative arguments once and for all.

21% improvement in your key metric in 2 weeks. Seriously.

Pattern89 gives you AI-backed direction for Facebook and Instagram ads that streamlines your work and improves your ROI in less time than ever.

Features You Can’t Live Without

Pattern89 is your paid social utility belt.

AI to discover what’s happening and why

Find patterns and outliers not visible to the human eye.

Unparalleled access to data

Hundreds of advertisers. Millions in spend. Billions of data points. We have the most, and it's ready to help you.

Powerful alerts to tell you exactly how to improve ads

Iterate and improve to get more out of your ad budget for Facebook and Instagram.

Plan creative for unmatched success

Art and science combine to reveal thousands of visual dimensions that lead to perfect ads.

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“Pattern89 helped us discover the combination of creative, audience and channel placements for our products. It solved problems that seemed impossible to solve.”

Scott Hamlin, VP of Marketing


“We increased our revenue from Facebook and Instagram 12% in 10 days. No spreadsheets. No waiting.”

Zach Zelner, CEO


“At LIDS, we are always exploring new ways to grow reach and revenue. With Pattern89, we can experiment in real-time and make data-backed decisions to drive the best results from our advertising strategy.”

Wendy Mudis, Director of Digital Advertising


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