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Pattern89 is being acquired by Shutterstock to build the future of creativity!

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Go forth with creative confidence.

Creative A.I. means that you'll never have to guess again. Show up to your next meeting with proof that your idea will work.

Creative intelligence will help you make the right decisions-- down to colors, copy and even emojis-- and prove that those decisions will pay off.


No more educated guesses.


Pattern89 is your strategic advantage that pays for itself.

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Pattern89 is your API source for data-driven creative direction.


Pattern89 is your creative partner that helps you do better work.

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One platform for every step
of the creative process

Creative provides the largest opportunity for marketers today.
Pattern89 is the fastest way to understand creative and consumers in real time.


Get smart about creative


Find out what works


Extend creative lifespans


Match consumer
to creative.

Understand the why behind creative performance. Base your creative strategy on the drivers of success.

  • Understand creative performance across 49,000+ dimensions
  • Plan the best photo or video shoot
  • Automate creative insights and reporting
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Predict the
creative future.

Go beyond A/B tests and educated guesses. Instead, use A.I. to be confident in the creative answer.

  • Know which creative performs
  • Pre-validate every idea
  • Plan with the answers
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Extend your
creative lifespan.

Complete your daily personalized to-do list in seconds with automated actions that lift performance.

  • Receive daily scan for creative issues and opportunities
  • Align creative with audience and placement
  • Maximize scale and efficiency
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Our customers are winning more business and getting ahead of their competitors.


Pattern89 Partners with 3Q Digital to Drive Ad Performance at Scale

By leveraging creative AI, 3Q Digital enables clients to predict top-performing ad creative, before campaigns even launch.

“These data-driven insights, along with the ability to optimize and extend creative life cycles, will help to drive ad performance at scale, improving engagement and increasing conversions throughout the funnel.”

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Lids Tips Its Hat To The Next Wave of Marketing: Creative A.I.

Over the course of one week, Lids saw:

"At LIDS, we are always exploring new ways to grow reach and revenue. With Pattern89, we can experiment in real-time and make data-backed decisions to drive the best results from our advertising strategy.”

50% lower CPM on average
Increased sales as a direct result

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ad-flex communications

Pattern89's Creative Predictions Drive Results and Lower Costs

ad-flex communications has partnered with Pattern89 for over a year and a half. They recently tested one campaign without Pattern89’s assistance, and another using its full capabilities. Over the course of this two-week test, the campaign using Pattern89 saw:

439% higher conversion volume
81% lower Costs per Result
11% more impressions

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500,000,000,000 data points. 49,000 creative dimensions.

What will they discover for you?

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Pattern89 empowers your advertising with creative intelligence.

Get immediate and accurate creative direction. Empower your creative and technical marketing with real-time insights to drive results today and tomorrow.

AI-Driven Creative Analytics
Predictive Concept Validation
Creative Lifespan Extension

Take on the creative future with intelligence.

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