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10 Colorful Hacks for Your Best Facebook Ad Performance

Bridget Johnston March 2, 2020

The smallest creative choices impact Facebook ad performance. That’s why color in advertising is so important.

The hues you include (and exclude) from ads could make or break a campaign. AI is now able to predict what colors will drive Facebook ad performance for your funnels, audiences, products and more.

Download our AI-driven report “The Color Code” to learn more about the connections between color and performance.

Download our AI-driven report "The Color Code" to learn how colors will drive Facebook ad performance.


Download The Color Code now >>

In this report, you will..

  1. See which exact hues have been trending for Facebook ads.
  2. Learn how to strategize your mobile color palette… Because different colors perform better on phones!
  3. Discover seasonal patterns for high-performing colors.
  4. Stay on trend, with 6 trending color palettes to drive ad performance.
  5. Understand which space-themed hex codes drive clicks.
  6. Get a look at how AI can determine which colors (out of the 10 million available) will drive performance for you.
  7. Know the jewel-toned hues that have been driving purchases.
  8. Lower Facebook and Instagram ad costs, with the right shades to decrease CPM.
  9. Learn which colors fuel performance throughout marketing funnels.
  10. Predict what colors will drive performance for YOU, with a free personal color audit.

If you’re ready to take a deeper dive into which colors drive performance for your brand, get a free, AI-driven color audit.