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10 Mother’s Day Marketing Trends, Found By AI

Ellie Ball April 29, 2020

Thinking about mom? 

Whether you get to spend time together with a Zoom call, or are lucky enough to hang out IRL, Mother’s Day marketing 2020 will be different this year. Our latest AI-backed data report also found that marketing for this year’s holiday is very different than it was in 2019.

Pattern89’s predictive analytics analyzed social ads from 2019’s and 2020’s Spring season to see how social distancing has affected Facebook ad creative.

Don’t forget Mother’s Day this year.

Mothers are a huge part of everyone’s lives, and right now their roles are more important than ever. Many mothers are taking on extra roles and responsibilities during COVID-19. 

Showing appreciation is just the right thing to do, but advertisers aren’t featuring mothers in ads.

  • Ad containing the word “grandma” are down 87% in popularity this year.
  • Copywriting containing the word “mom” has declined 82% too.
  • Copy containing the word “women” has dropped 82% as well.

Mom wants breakfast in bed.

Not every mom wants to be celebrated in the same way, but it’s a well-known theory that breakfast in bed is a popular Mother’s Day tradition. And this year it’s a mega win. 

  • Images of breakfast are up 1,599% from last year. 

So put all that recent cooking and baking to use for mom. Ok, but mom’s being healthy during quarantine. 

  • Forget giving her sweets though, the use of sweets imagery is down 33%, compared to 2019.

And if we’re being honest a lot of us have been online shopping a little more than we can be proud of. Next time you’re about to checkout, make sure you have something for Mom.

  • Images of gifts have gone up 1,558% since last year.

Shipping cards and flowers are out.

When you’re socially distanced from family, the easiest way to show you’re thinking of Mom is through sending a card and fresh flowers. While this stuff might still warm your mother’s heart it is not performing for ads like it used to. 

  • Ads containing the word “flowers” have fallen 74% in popularity this year.
  • Copy with the word “card” have dropped 73%.
  • “Love” has also declined 64%, in comparison to 2019.

Don’t worry if you’re still planning on sending flowers mom’s way! She’s sure to enjoy a little celebration no matter what.

AI will make Mother’s Day marketing memorable.

Now that we’re spending more time at home and online, more consumer data is being created. With brands and agencies using Facebook ads to promoted Mother’s Day gifts, now’s the time to understand your consumer data with AI.

Artificial intelligence is effective in any industry, because it takes deep dives into your advertising data every day. It will predict what creative your ads need to connect with customers.

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