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2017: The Year of New New Things

R.J. Talyor December 20, 2017

by R.J. Talyor

It’s been a busy year for me and our team at Quantifi. Launching a new company takes an incredible amount of stamina, patience and persistence. And driving success in less than a year requires constant work and attention to detail. But we’ve managed to do both, and we’ve learned a lot along the way.

The lessons I’ve learned this year go beyond building a stable product and a growing company. They’ve guided me toward discovering how to create, how to communicate through video and how to embrace culture as a driver of innovation.

The Importance of Iteration

One of Quantifi’s core values is experimentation without the fear of failure. It’s easier said than done–especially when you’re coding software from scratch, or creating a brand new social benchmarking tool like Constellation Scorecard. But that core value is reinforced in how our entire team builds on the foundational work done in our earliest days. By iterating on our most successful experiments and learning from those less successful ones, we’ve been able to move both swiftly and surely in a market whose target is always moving.

The Power of Video

Our platform gives brands the ability to craft social ads across social channels to reach their target audiences. Among the most powerful results of our customers using Quantifi is witnessing how video conveys richer, more complex messages. Because social media is primarily user-driven, demand for video has bloomed into a must-have for social ads. It’s also shown me why social media audiences respond so strongly to video: storytelling matters. And the better story a brand can tell, the better connections they can make with their customers.

Innovation Driven by Culture

Video’s impact on how we all consume information this year has opened a new world to me. It’s also taught me another lesson: the most innovative ideas and concepts in tech are driven by the cultures of the people who use it. Whether it’s augmented reality offered by Instagram and Apple, harnessing the strength of influencer marketing or delivering original branded content on social channels, the voices of the people who shape our culture are also the voices that direct how our industry innovates.

My year has been full of surprises, triumphs and challenges. And as I look toward 2018, I expect the new year to teach me a wealth of new lessons. My task for the year to come will be leading my team toward opportunities for us to learn together, for our customers to win their audiences, and to hone our craft.