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2018 Mira Awards: 3 Ways to Win in Indy Tech

Sharmin Kent March 15, 2018

Early-stage startup life has its benefits and challenges. But when a highly skilled team is paired with a cutting-edge product, magic can happen. That’s how I feel about Pattern89: we’ve got the product, the people and the processes to deliver something completely new to the market.

Plenty of other people feel that way, too: we’re nominated for New Startup of the Year in the 2018 TechPoint Mira Awards. And we’re in great company: Emplify, Canvas, and 120 Water Audit are just four of our category competitors. Every company in our category deserves recognition for their tenacity and vision.

I’m also lucky enough to be a judge for this year’s Company Culture of the Year Mira Award, an experience that showed me just how much Indianapolis tech has matured. And it gave me the opportunity to learn from and connect with even more leaders and innovators.

Seeing so much growth, so many new companies and strong products is almost overwhelming. It’s proof that, no matter who wins at this year’s Mira Awards, our entire city is reaping the rewards of hard work and ingenuity. Here are three ways we can make Indy tech an even better community.

Explore Your Backyard

TechPoint received 205 applications for this year’s Mira awards–a record-breaking number. That’s because more startups and enterprise companies are calling Indianapolis home: recent events like Conga’s acquisition of Octiv are signs that companies of all sizes see Indy as a place to grow. During my day of judging, I learned about organizations and met industry leaders I’d never seen before–and I’ve been in this industry for nearly a decade. The wealth of talent and resources in our region is outstanding, and reading through Mira Awards finalists is just one way to expand your view of Indianapolis tech.

Commit to the Future

An industry is only as strong as its talent, and there are organizations making a significant impact on developing, attracting and retaining the talent Indy needs. Last week I met the leadership team of EduSource, a custom software company that runs an apprenticeship for students and helps them find employment. It’s a model that not only gives students a chance to do more hands-on work, it also helps programmers find jobs at Indiana companies.

Keep Celebrating

Our community is propelled by an incredible group of people. From Matt Hunckler at Powderkeg to Jill VanOostenburg at Nextech, people are laying a foundation that supports every stage of education and career path in Indy tech. The Mira Awards gala is one of the biggest events of the year, but we should celebrate the successes of those who support our community as well.

This year’s Mira Awards finalist lineup is full of companies that represent the current Indy tech landscape, as well as its future. I’m rooting for my team to bring home New Startup this year, but I’m also grateful and proud to be a part of the Indy tech community.