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2021 Must-Have: Full Funnel Ad Automation

Bridget Johnston December 1, 2020

With retailers investing more than ever in social media marketing, Facebook ad automation is a necessity.

The most successful brands are utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to manage workloads and predict winning creative, targeting and spend.  

Since artificial intelligence has the ability to predict future performance, you might be wondering: 

  • Will it really find creative opportunities I can’t? 
  • Can it optimize the full funnel, no matter the industry? 
  • What are its predictions for next quarter? 

We’re glad you asked! 

Brand Awareness Creative Predictions

First, a question for you. How long would it take you to understand your brand’s historic social ad data?

This would take your entire lifetime… and then some. 

That’s why top-performing marketing teams are harnessing the power of AI right now to better understand their own brand creative and customer preferences. It can find creative opportunities for every ad campaign, no matter its goals or audiences. 

In mere minutes of data analysis, artificial intelligence will discover: 

  • What copywriting parameters– character counts, emojis, CTAs, headline and body copy– will achieve campaign goals. 
  • The imagery insights– colors, content, number of faces, facial expressions, etc.– will drive clicks and conversions. 
  • What content, length and formats your video ads should adhere to, in order to resonate with your audiences.

And because it predicts future creative performance with over 95% accuracy, Pattern89’s AI has already predicted winning creative for 2021. Check out its Top-of-Funnel Creative Brief from the 2021 Creative Forecast. 

Facebook Ad Automation: 2021 Brand Awareness Creative Brief

Full-Funnel Ad Automation Predictions

Beyond offering Facebook ad optimization must-haves for brand awareness campaigns, artificial intelligence is predicting and optimizing performance throughout the funnel.


Marketing leaders, like Chip House, the CMO at SharpSpring, are already using it to create content that converts… at every stage of every campaign. He says…

“Marketers need to develop content that converts, which is why tools like Pattern89 are critical. But it’s also critical to make sure opportunities don’t slip through the cracks… Marketing automation optimizes the entire funnel so those valuable conversions ultimately turn into sales and real revenue.”

Marketers now have the ability to hyper target audiences with content that’s predicted to get them to convert. And it’s possible to do it all in a click. 

How Easy is Facebook Ad Automation?

Combining your strongest marketing assets– your creative thinkers and AI-driven ad automation– will make for your strongest campaigns yet. 

The easiest way to get started is by downloading The 2021 Creative Forecast. This powerful report packs 10+ pages of creative predictions that your brand can start using right away.