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3 Can’t-Miss Sessions at Content Marketing World 2017

Sharmin Kent August 30, 2017

Content Marketing World is just a week away and thousands of marketers will enjoy a schedule full of learning, networking and storytelling from hundreds of content and marketing experts.

The conference has even added an extra day of programming, offering even more opportunities for attendees to learn from experts and network with like-minded professionals.

But the real challenge is finding the right breakout sessions to attend and planning each day to get the most from it. This will be my third Content Marketing World, and each year I discover something completely new about my profession. With 225 speakers participating in this year’s event there’s a lot of content to choose from, but there are three sessions I can’t wait to see.

Colson Whitehead

Listing a keynote almost feels like a cheat–but when a writer like Colson Whitehead is the speaker, his appearance alone is worth the price of admission. He’s a New York Times bestseller, Pulitzer Prize winner, and a writer of provocative fiction that runs the gamut from zombies to a reimagined antebellum South. Hearing Whitehead explain his approach to writing must be as fascinating as the literature he creates. His keynote, Inside the Art of Storytelling, will offer the audience the kind of discussion and insight usually reserved for university auditoriums and fancy book clubs.

Patricia Chui on Content Distribution

If an engaging, insight-packed whitepaper falls onto the internet and no one reads it, does it make an impact? Content distribution is one of the most important elements of a successful content plan, yet many of us still struggle to find the best methods and social channels to reach our target audiences. Patricia Chui, executive managing editor and founder of Business Insider Studios, will share valuable insights on the definition of distributed content, how both B2B and B2C audiences can rise above the noise of competitors and create “social-first” content.

Joanne Chen on AR/VR

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are hot right now, but most marketers haven’t figured out how to blend either medium into their work. How does a marketer even begin to create AR content for B2B marketers? When should marketers consider integrating VR into a cross-channel content strategy? Joanne Chen, partner at Foundation Capital, will discuss the engagement platforms of the future, the path from digital video to VR, and how these mediums will further blur the lines between content and advertising.

Content Marketing World attendees can register for sessions with its incredibly handy mobile app, and are encouraged to register as soon as possible. I’ve already registered for my sessions and I’m excited about how this year’s event will prepare me for delivering the best possible content for my team.

What sessions are you looking forward to? Tell us online using the hashtag #CMWorld.

Featured image: Content Marketing World