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3 Ways a Diverse Staff Made an Impact in 1 Year

Bridget Johnston September 19, 2018

Diversity is necessary for success, and its impact on Pattern89’s growth is very apparent.

A year ago, our founder and CEO wrote an article for Inside INdiana Business, highlighting ways to build a diverse and inclusive company. He discussed how startups need to be intentional in building a team of varied backgrounds. He also discussed the value in exposing teams to different perspectives and experiences they might be unfamiliar with.

One year later, “creating a team that represents the country” is still a core value of the company. It has helped us achieve new solutions, and build a transparent and supportive atmosphere.

The environment is open-minded and curious.

Assembling a team of people from different backgrounds and experiences leads to having a wide variety of perspectives in the room. Our team is willing to tell stories, and also willing to listen to them. Value is found in understanding each other’s ideas and outlooks.

As our team has grown, we have been able to solve problems by looking at them from different angles. The solutions we’ve pursued wouldn’t have been reached if everyone in the office was exactly alike, and there’s a beauty in recognizing and respecting differences in perspective.

We see the benefits of diverse backgrounds and education.

In hopes of creating a team that represents the country, our leaders have strived to recruit a variety of ethnic and gender experiences. Our push for diversity goes beyond these parameters as well. We recognize that race and gender matter greatly, but we also strive to work with people with other life experiences as well.

Our team of engineers, account executives, designers, customer experience specialists and marketers hail from widely different backgrounds and educations. In addition to offering different outlooks, this helps people connect on a personal level. We have found that teammates have a lot of common interests beyond work that they can discuss. If you’re into something, someone else on the team will surely be into it as well. This leads to a friendly, and ultimately collaborative, environment.

The culture is palpably positive.

One of the things we hear when people are on-boarded at Pattern89 is that the culture feels “different, in a really good way.”

Building a team that values different perspectives and interests leads to a culture of open communication, where team members feel supported. A diverse office has a welcoming, friendly and cooperative outlook that can’t be replicated by any other means. 

Valuing diversity and inclusivity has been fundamental in our success as a company so far. It will continue to play a key role in how we grow. Clearly, it leads to the best of all possible teams.

If you would like to learn more about diversity and inclusivity in Indianapolis tech, be sure to find us at Disrupt Indy. It’s the Midwest Tech Diversity Summit we’re proud to be a part of.