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3 Ways Facebook Ad Automation is Fueling Creative Marketing

Bridget Johnston November 4, 2020

Pattern89’s latest Facebook ad automation release now lets marketers do everything in one place.

Since the launch of Pattern89 Predict last summer, marketers have been able to reduce waste by predicting what will work for their ads before launching. With our latest innovations, teams go beyond prediction. Marketers can now build and launch top-performing ads directly from the platform. 

Here are 3 ways these innovations are making marketing via Facebook ads easier than ever. 

Predict What Will Work, Before Ads Launch

You can always pick the winner, now that testing creative is obsolete. Pattern89 accurately predicts ad performance.

Pattern89 Predict unlocks creative insights for over 2,900 ad dimensions, including:

  • Image Direction – Creative direct with confidence. Pattern89 determines what image elements, colors, settings, facial expressions and more will help your campaigns reach their specific goals. 
  • Video Direction – Learn the video lengths, colors, onscreen text and creative assets your ads will need to succeed. 
  • Copywriting – Know what copy, emojis and character counts will work for you.
  • Ad Formatting – Get direction on which exact image dimensions will succeed on each platform and medium.

With unparalleled access to Facebook advertiser data, Pattern89’s predictions are over 95% accurate. This means you can know, with certainty, what creative decisions will make your campaigns perform.

Build Your Best Ads

After simulating creative performance, Pattern89 will alert you of your top-performing creative combinations. 

The AI will combine every possible headlines, body copy, imagery and video combination to predict which will perform best for your brand. It will identify which specific lines of copy, imagery, CTAs and more should be grouped together in your ads, custom to your campaign goals. 

Pattern89's Facebook ad automation assembles campaigns for you

Pattern89 surfaces the creative combinations that will reach your goals, then builds these ads for you.

Launch Campaigns in a Click

Our new Publish To Facebook button makes your ads live in an instant. This allows marketers to save significant amounts of time building campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager. 

Making ad publishing easier than ever falls in-line with Pattern89’s time-saving efforts. With its continuous monitoring of in-flight ads, and its one-click Do This For Me Button, marketers will always be able to create and maintain their best possible ad sets. 

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