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3 Ways Kylie Cosmetics’ Marketing Made a Billionaire

Bridget Johnston March 15, 2019

Kylie Cosmetics’ marketing helped make its founder a billionaire.

Of course, she came from a wealthy and famous family. That gave her a head start on most of us, but when you really look at the pillars of Kylie Cosmetics’ brand, you can see exactly why its social media marketing helped Kylie Jenner become the youngest self-made billionaire.

Her affordable cosmetics line generally appeals to an audience of young women. It’s marketed across generations and platforms though, engaging with a variety of people outside of its core market. It also embraces a modern social outlook in its messaging that the core market wants to see, and engages with followers through a personal voice.

All this made Kylie Jenner a billionaire, and all of it was done through social media.

Kylie Cosmetics’ Brand Voice

Kylie Jenner has developed a brand voice that’s used in both her personal and business accounts. Her company’s updates sound like they’re coming directly from her. She shares a variety of videos and photos from her daily routine, as well as promotions of products, making it sound like she’s casually talking to her followers as though they know each other.

This “personal” brand voice feels authentic. Since it’s applied throughout her channels, followers stay tuned in, always seeing what’s new, whether it’s personal or promotional.

Kylie Cosmetics Instagram

Cross-Generational Advertising

Instead of simply marketing to entirely young women, Kylie Cosmetics creates ads on Facebook and Instagram to appeal to a wider array of audiences. These conversion-focused ads still have a friendly, personal tone, but are general enough to appeal to people of a variety of ages and demographics.

They run on both platforms too, so they can be served to each platforms’ demographics of different ages. Generally, Instagram serves an audience that skews younger than Facebook’s audience. All ages have a likelihood of being targeted by Kylie Cosmetics though, if her marketing manager identifies them as relevant.

Kylie Cosmetics Facebook Ad Kylie Cosmetics Facebook Ad

A Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Scroll through the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram or Twitter feeds, and you’ll see people of a variety of races and genders wearing her makeup. The brand has committed itself to diversity and inclusion in its media.

We are attracted to people we identify with, and research shows that including diversity in advertising is good for business. Our population and media are more diverse than ever, and Kylie Cosmetics’ recognition of that is simply good business. Obviously, Kylie Jenner knows a lot about good business.

Kylie Cosmetics Diversity and Inclusion