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4 Reasons To Connect with Pattern89 at eTail East

Despi Ross July 30, 2018

So you’re headed to Boston for eTail East 2018? What are you hoping to accomplish while you’re there? Maybe you are looking for the latest and greatest in digital advertising. Or, shopping for new platforms to help scale your business. Or, maybe you’re hoping to hear about innovative tech that is still under the radar.

Pattern89’s CEO R. J. Talyor will be there and he can help you check all three of these off your list! Here are four reasons why you should absolutely meet with R. J. at eTail.

1. Pattern89 puts the AI in eTail!
We have some brand new AI tools that help you iterate and improve paid social with big increases in ROAS. (One of our customers just saw a 38% increase in ROAS this week using our AI). R. J. would love to show off our new tech – or just answer your questions about what AI can do for your paid social strategy.

2. We’ve got proven growth strategies that produce real results.
Ecommerce retailers know that growth is everything. What will make this quarter outperform last quarter? You constantly have to ask yourself: how will I keep iterating and improving? R. J. has a sympathetic ear and can share some success stories that will make you want to jump for joy!

3. We could be your secret weapon.
Our data science coaching console is brand new – and the most innovative tool to hit the paid social scene. You can get a sneak peak and learn how to get out in front of your competitors. Ask R. J. about how you can use Pattern89 to create your own unfair advantage!

4. R. J. is awesome!
We wouldn’t set you up to meet with some boring, tone-deaf salesman! R. J. is the real deal! He cares about the unique challenges retailers face and has some great advice about growing and scaling businesses (even if you don’t use Pattern89). Plus – you can ask him about bird watching, fishing with four kids or the random books he read on the bus in the past week.

Sound like fun? Email R. J. to setup a meeting time that works for you. Coffee? Check. Happy hour? Check. Fancy dinner and R. J. picks up the tab? Check! Send him an email to schedule something.

P.S. If you haven’t heard of us before, Pattern89 is a data science platform that analyzes paid social advertising data to give you actionable tasks that you can easily implement to improve ROAS. You can use Pattern89 with your existing paid social tools and processes and it fits into your campaign monitoring routine so it doesn’t require a ton of extra time to use.