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49,000 Chances to Make the Right Creative Decision

Bridget Johnston April 1, 2021

Think of all the creative components of a digital ad. 

It’ll contain imagery or a video, headline copy, body copy and a CTA. 

Go a level deeper, and you’ll start thinking about colors within your imagery, character counts in copy and emojis. 

Beyond that, your imagery will contain facial expressions. Your copy will have a sentiment and tone. Your video will have a specific number of scene changes. And all of these creative variations will perform better or worse, depending on the ad format and platform you choose. 

Artificial intelligence has discovered that every digital ad has 49,000 creative components. Only the latest developments in A.I. can predict the creative decisions that will drive performance for current and future campaigns.

Here’s how Pattern89’s Q1 Product Release analyzes all 49,000 of these ad elements, and surfaces the most impactful creative decisions for your brand. 

49,000 Chances to Make the Right Creative Decision

Every digital marketing campaign is full of untapped potential. 

Because every ad contains 49,000 creative elements, there are 49,000 opportunities for A.I. to maximize the ad’s results. Unfortunately for people, this is too much data for us to comb through, analyze and make decisions on. 

The good news is that marketing A.I. can do this in just seconds. 

For example, Pattern89’s Analyze release will determine the top performing creative elements for any ad campaign goal, audience or segment of the marketing funnel. On a daily basis, it analyzes:

  • Image choices – Color use, presence of people, facial expressions, scene settings, image orientation, what objects can be detected within your image?
  • Video direction – Length of your video, number of scene changes, how many people are in your video and what emotions are the showing? 
  • Copywriting – Character counts, sentiment, tone, keywords to use, emojis and special characters to embrace and avoid
  • Ad details – What placements and formats should you use to get the most impact? What platform will you see the lowest costs and highest engagement? 

Creative Insights: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Along with an in-depth look at every granular creative decision in your digital ad campaigns, Pattern89 will identify and surface the most important creative updates each time you log in. In a time when creative is more important than ever, marketers need to know what trends to embrace and avoid.

understand what creative decision to make

A look at Pattern89’s Analyze updates

By giving a comprehensive look at what’s working for your ads– and what’s not– your creative team is delivered data-backed direction on how to continuously iterate and improve. These creative conclusions are reached by cross-analyzing:

  • 300+ Billion data points
  • 49,000 creative dimensions of every ad 
  • Across 11 years of historic digital marketing campaigns

The wealth of data within Pattern89’s Data Constellation is the largest in the world, and it’s growing every day.

If you’d like to give the world’s most accurate marketing A.I. a try, schedule a demo. One of our Product Experts will give you a tour of the Pattern89 platform, and set you up to try our latest release for your next campaign. Get started.