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5 People You Can’t Miss at MAICON

Bridget Johnston July 1, 2019

We’re getting ready to go to Cleveland for MAICON– the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference! When studying the speakers page, we found a few people, in particular, that we couldn’t miss. Here’s a look at the top 5 experts we want to see at MAICON.

Jeff Rohrs: A Jack of All Trades, A Master of Building Companies

You won’t want to miss Jeff Rohrs, a jack of all trades who has a knack for growing companies. After beginning his career as an attorney, he navigated his way throughout the tech world, eventually working at ExactTarget. His work while there helped lead the company to its $2.8B acquisition by Salesforce. 

While at Salesforce, Rohrs published Audience: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans & Followers, which was lauded by marketers and executives alike as a ‘must-read.’ He is currently CMO at Yext, and he will be speaking on the ever-growing connection between AI and marketing.

Carl Schmidt: A MarTech Leader Driving Your Conversions

Co-founder and CTO of Unbounce, Carl Schmidt lives and breathes AI. His company is an AI-based platform that helps marketers create better landing pages, and therefore, gain leads.

As a person who is in the trenches of marketing AI, Schmidt believes that AI will help marketers earn better results and make more efficient use of their resources.

Susannah Shattuck: Creator of Ethical AI

Creating AI that’s ethical and fair is a priority of our’s. That’s why we’re excited to see Susannah Shattuck speak at MAICON. Shattuck is a Product Manager at Watson OpenScale, an IBM solution that brings transparency to AI applications in production. Her focus is on algorithmic fairness and explainability, and building tools that help organizations understand machine learning bias.

She has helped Fortune 500 companies develop strategies for leveraging AI, and she has a passion for the intersection of technology, ethics and public policy.

Pam Didner: A Master of Sales Enablement

Pam Didner is a marketing consultant, writer and speaker, authoring two books: Global Content Marketing and Effective Sales Enablement. Her strengths are in creating successful global marketing plans that meet local marketing and sales teams’ needs. As a startup, we are very sales-focused, and we can’t wait to hear how she predicts we should approach the next frontier of digital marketing and AI.

R. J. Talyor: The Founding Father of AI for Advertisers

Of course, we’re excited for our own founder and CEO, R. J. Talyor to speak at MAICON! R. J. is a 15-year tech and startup veteran, having worked at ExactTarget and Salesforce before launching Pattern89. He will be discussing how marketers need to embrace AI to get the highest returns from their digital ads and save hours every week with automated tasks. He’ll also cover how implementing AI is easy, and marketers need to do it now, in order to stay relevant.

R. J. will also be hosting a lunch where attendees can try to slay robots! Don’t miss it.