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5 Things to Know About the Future of Marketing

Bridget Johnston August 17, 2018

Those of us with careers in marketing have always needed to fill a variety of roles and wear multiple hats. As always, the industry is evolving. Moving forward, marketers will have to balance being creatives, scientists and cultural experts. 

Marketers will need to make AI more human.

Artificial intelligence is getting more and more integrated into our lives and businesses. And while artificial intelligence will be able to complete more tasks and projects, it likely still won’t be able to provide everything humans can. Marketers will be needed to emotionally connect with consumers.

Basically, robots will help do the work, but people will need to make sure that work is approachable.

They’ll need to blend their reality with augmented reality.

As AR is integrated into marketing, we will have to explore how real and augmented worlds blend. Marketers are already using AR to promote their products, and will continue to do so. New apps that let people decorate their homes with furniture or try on clothing virtually are experiencing success with consumers, and they’re becoming standards in their industries.

Marketers will want to take advantage of augmented reality in strategic and appropriate ways. They shouldn’t use it just because everyone else is. Their goal will be to implement it in standout and effective ways that will tell the stories they need to tell.

Every marketer will have to be a data scientist.

Decision making will no longer be left up to gut feelings or hunches. It will be left up to hard data that marketers will access and interpret. Tech savvy marketing professionals will need to know Excel, SQL, and a variety of other technologies to stay competitive. Otherwise, they’ll be left in the dust of competitors who know how to work with these technologies.

They will focus on The Now, instead of long-term planning.

The days of creating annual plans are over. Rapid, real-time iteration is how marketing happens, and this pace is only getting faster. The world of Internet culture– memes, 24-hour news, and instant communication– is the standard, and business plans need to reflect that.

Privacy will be at the core of their work.

Consumers are waking up to the ways in which their data is being used, and they’re holding businesses accountable for handling it correctly. No matter what marketers do, they absolutely must honor consumer privacy and be transparent about how data is being used. Consumers will ultimately be in control of this, and brands will need to establish and build trust with them.