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5 Things You’ll Learn in the Pattern89 Predict Live Demo

Bridget Johnston July 27, 2020

What if you never had to A/B test again?

Imagine you could predict what would work, before you spent a dollar. 

How would it feel to have statistical science backing up your creative decisions?

Pattern89 Predict does it all. Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Jeff Cunning will walk you through it.

Join us for a live demo of Pattern89 Predict on August 6. In this webinar, you’ll learn how Pattern89 predicts creative performance before campaigns begin. You’ll also get a look at the following five insights. 

Learn what kinds of predictions Pattern89 makes.

Pattern89 reduces marketing waste by making creative predictions. It unlocks creative insights for over 2,900 ad dimensions, including:

  • Image Direction – Creative direct with confidence. Pattern89 determines what image elements, colors, settings, facial expressions and more will help your campaigns reach their specific goals. 
  • Video Direction – Learn the video lengths, colors, onscreen text and creative assets your ads will need to succeed. 
  • Copywriting – Know what copy, emojis and character counts will work for you.
  • Ad Formatting – Get direction on which exact image dimensions will succeed on each platform and medium.

Throughout the webinar, you’ll get a comprehensive look at the direction it provides for creative marketing teams.

Understand the data science behind creative predictions.

With unparalleled access to Facebook advertiser data, Pattern89 Predict is over 95% accurate. Powered by artificial intelligence, it studies digital marketing trends and surfaces statistically significant creative insights to maximize campaign success. 

By taking a look at Pattern89’s data set, and learning more about its data science efforts, you’ll get a sense of how our platform makes it predictions and why you can trust it.

Take a tour of Pattern89 Predict. 

Jeff will take attendees on a tour of the platform. By taking a look at Pattern89 Predict’s easy-to-use interface, you’ll see how it will help you:

  • Eliminate A/B testing by analyzing uploaded ad creative assets
  • Simulate and test millions of ad creative combinations to surface your top-performing results
  • Predict winning creative for your different goals and audiences
  • Launch Facebook ads directly from the platform in a click

Preview what’s next for Pattern89 Predict. 

We’re always iterating and improving our platform. Webinar attendees will get a sneak peek at what’s next for Pattern89 Predict. 

Try it on your own ads. 

Along with all of this, webinar attendees will be able to schedule time with one of our experts to try Pattern89 Predict on their own ads. You’ll learn how you can connect with our AI and see Pattern89 predict your top-performing creative.

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