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6 Reasons Why Email Marketers Should Care About Social Advertising

Jenni Burton September 12, 2017

by Jenni Burton

I love email marketing.

My favorite nerdy pastime is digging into the Promotions Tab of my Gmail account and critiquing emails from retailers, travel companies and more. I’m blown away by the innovation and positive ROI that email marketing yields for brands of all types. Email works –we all know that.

So, I am talking to you–my fellow email-loving marketer–and giving you six reasons to invest more of your time and efforts into social media and social advertising.

Email Content

User-generated content (UGC) is gold for email sends. Featuring real-life customers enjoying and using your products or their ringing endorsement boosts the quality and relatability of your email campaigns.

Insights and Market Research

Social media and specifically, social advertising experimentation, can provide valuable insights about your market and customers based on which ads are performing best. There are of course amazing email-focused testing platforms, but when I wore the marketing hat, getting a scalable test across hundreds of variations of emails was often unachievable. This task is easier with social advertising due to the ability to quickly place a large number of ads and see results (e.g. CPA, CPC, CPM) of various creative blocks in a matter of hours.

List Growth

This is obvious — social platforms are full of potential customers that currently do not subscribe to your email. All things equal — a bigger email list will provide you more opportunities to drive revenue. So working with the social team to offer easy email sign ups is a no brainer.

Conversions and Sales

Ultimately you want to sell more, right? Social advertising has become a key channel for customer acquisition, awareness, retargeting, conversions and more. Companies are investing more into social advertising because it is working — and if you are doing things right, those new buyers become subscribers in the process where you can then sell more to them.

Customer Experience

Customers don’t care about your internal silos; they expect the brand experience will be  top notch at every interaction is vital in today’s world.

Custom Audience

Your ability to create and classify custom audiences for your social team can drive some major cross-channel marketing wins. For one, your social team can create valuable lookalike audiences from your email subscribers which will drive a lower cost per acquisition. Custom audiences can also help you more directly: let’s say you have a segment of your email audience that is unengaged. Reengage them with a custom offer delivered via social advertising.

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