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8 Ways to Get Ready for the Holidays at Work in 9 Minutes

Bridget Johnston November 6, 2018

Folks in the advertising biz have been planning holiday ad campaigns for a while. If you’re one of them, your creative, copy and budgets are probably already determined. The 2018 holiday season, which is also the biggest online retail season ever, is approaching and you’re getting ready for it.

But your paid social ads might not be where you want them. Or maybe you realize there’s always room to make improvements to your social media ads.

If you think either of these things, you should catch our upcoming webinar. We’re hosting “8 Holiday Ad-Boosting Tips in 9 Minutes,” which will go over some of the best advice our AI has to offer.

Sign up here to get your ads holiday-ready on Nov. 15. In the meantime, here are some other ways for you to get holiday-ready at the office too.

Microwave some mulled wine.

If you’re lucky enough to have a stocked kitchen, you can make a little desk cocktail of mulled wine. Check out this recipe.

If you have a window, look out and think of snow.

Find a window and gaze outside. Imagine the landscape covered in snow, and how it’s only a matter of time before winter is here. Depending on who you are, that could be pretty exciting.

Start “Christmas Vacation” and watch to the part where the Griswolds find their tree.

Audrey’s eyes will be frozen, so she can’t see the glorious tree, but you will.

Make gingerbread house out of office supplies.

Index cards and tape are no match for graham crackers and frosting, but at least they won’t spoil when you leave them on your desk for two months.

Craft a few paper snowflakes.

They’re easy, simple and nostalgic. What’s not to like?

Listen to “Blue Christmas” four times

Is there a singer other than The King that you’d rather listen to on repeat? We don’t think so.

Seek out some peppermint candies to eat

Surely, some other office in your building has a bowl of peppermint candies. Maybe yours does. Either way, think of hunting some down in 9 minutes as a fun scavenger hunt.

Attend our webinar to learn how to boost your paid social ads.

It’s also the most constructive way to spend 9 minutes prepping for the holidays. Plus, your boss will be happy you did this. So sign up already!