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A Gardener and a Turtle Walk into a Bar…

Bridget Johnston February 18, 2021

Think about the most random images you can include in your next ad campaign. A gardener, a sea turtle and a nightclub are my examples. 

Including any of these things in your ads could really enhance, or possibly tank, your campaign’s performance. The only way to know which of these decisions will actually help is by using artificial intelligence to project their future performance. 

It’s actually possible to see into the creative future! A.I. has the ability to analyze hundreds of billions of data points every day, and find statistically significant patterns and trends within those data points. Studying these past trends and patterns gives the A.I. the ability to project future performance, even while assessing outlier campaigns and events. 

So how would your random images actually perform? We can find out pretty easily…

Mid-Funnel Marketing Creative: What’s Working? What’s Not? 

The random image tags I called out in the beginning of this post are actually very impactful on campaign performance. When analyzing these three things– a gardener, a turtle and a bar– Pattern89’s artificial intelligence determined that two of them will drive up performance for mid-funnel ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. 

However, one of these will negatively impact the performance of your mid-funnel marketing creative campaigns. 

Take a look at how all three image tags– as well as copy counts, emojis, colors and special characters– will affect your campaigns tomorrow and beyond. 

mid-funnel marketing creative

Gardeners, turtles and nightclubs WILL impact the success of your mid-funnel marketing creative. Here’s how…


To get a full look at how all stages of the funnel are impacted by creative decisions, you can download the full report. Get 21 Big Ideas for a Roaring 2021 here. 

Ok, But What Actually Performs for MY Brand? 

The sample data provided in the aforementioned creative brief is a summary of what creative impacts ad performance across all industries. These conclusions were reached by analyzing:

  • 300+ Billion data points
  • 49k creative dimensions of every ad 
  • Across 11 years of historic digital marketing campaigns

The wealth of data within Pattern89’s Data Constellation is the largest in the world, and it’s growing every day. 

Your brand or agency can determine what will perform for your specific campaigns by testing the A.I. on your ads. By scheduling a demo with a product expert, you’ll be able to see what creative decisions will impact performance across any KPI, audience or spend level. 

Meet with one of our A.I. experts to start predicting tomorrow’s top creative… today.