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A Robot Slayer Summary: How Digital Marketing AI Will Help Creatives

Bridget Johnston August 6, 2019

You hear a lot about digital marketing AI, and you may worry that a robot will take your marketing job. It won’t, but it will make your work better.

If you want proof of that, play our Robot Slayer game and continue reading this blog post.

What is The Robot Slayer Game? And What Does it Prove?

This game lets marketers go head-to-head against digital marketing AI to see who can make better decisions in advertising. Through a series of multiple choice questions, marketers learn that AI will enhance their work, instead of taking it away. The game proves that AI isn’t a threat to humans, but it is a helpful and increasingly necessary resource.

Humans Still Win Because AI Isn’t All-Powerful

People will always be needed in marketing. Not only do we come up with ideas and solutions, but we also spot creative nuances. AI can’t do that. 

The very first question of The Robot Slayer quiz illustrates this point well. It asks people to identify the photo of Dalmatian puppies, in a slew of chocolate chip ice cream photos. 

Marketing AI: Can it find the puppies?
A human can do this pretty easily, and 90% of quiz-takers answered correctly. This is because computer vision isn’t as advanced as the human eye. It can pick up big differences in imagery, but not subtle ones like this.

Computer Vision is Still Smart and It Will Help You

Even though computer vision isn’t perfect in detecting nuance, it can observe and understand bigger differences in photos and graphics. For example, the second question in The Robot Slayer asks which dog breed will perform best in Facebook and Instagram ads. The featured breeds all look distinctly different, and computers know this. 

Marketing AI: How does it know what dog gives the best ROI?
It can also determine even more minute differences– such as variety in fabrics– as exampled by another quiz question. 

Marketing AI: What differences can it see?

Digital marketing AI tracks these differences in imagery with “image tagging,” and compares tag performances against billions of other creative and consumer data points. By doing this, it’s able to gather enough statistically significant data to determine what image tags deliver the highest ad ROI. 

So How Does AI Know What Other Creative Works?

Along with tracking image tags, AI tracks a wide variety of other creative ad parameters. It can determine optimal copy contents and length, which emojis to use, and the absolute best times to run your ads, based on objective. 

AI is able to predict performance accurately and comprehensively, because it analyzes:

  • 50 billion impressions
  • Millions of other digital ads
  • Over 2,900 dimensions of every single ad
  • All of these points above, across the past 7 years
  • Plus, AI analyzes all of these data points daily, so it can make the most relevant recommendations to its users.

With increasing use of social media, and online retail sales trending up, more data is being added to the Pattern89 ad set every single day. Advertisers can now take advantage of that immense amount of data, by having AI analyze it for them.

If you’d like to see what AI can do for your brand, download your free AI-backed creative assessment. It’s an in-depth scorecard that analyzes your historic ad data to determine what creative elements are working best for your brand.

Get yours here, to start enhancing your ad creative and seeing improved ROI.