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Ad Imagery: Get the Right Look for the Right Price

Bridget Johnston January 19, 2021

The choices brands make for ad imagery will impact campaign costs. As the seasons change and we experience new cultural events, creative costs fluctuate. 

Dr. Rebecca Swift, Global Head of Creative Insights at Getty Images, hit the nail on the head when she said:

“In 2021, I predict that creative ideas will flourish. If 2020 is anything to go by, social restrictions have narrowed briefs and our thinking has had to adapt, meaning both domestically and professionally, our creative brains have had a kickstart.”

What imagery will cost more in the next few months? Which will save you money? 

Luckily for today’s creative teams and performance marketers, artificial intelligence can simulate tomorrow’s top-performing ad imagery, before campaigns begin. Let’s take a look at what’s projected to be on-trend tomorrow, so you can incorporate our findings into your ads today.

What Ad Imagery Will Lower Costs? 

Because it can analyze billions of historic data points in minutes, Pattern89 can project what creative consumers will interact with. This determines what creative choices– including imagery, video, copy and more– will be the most cost-effective for your brand. 

Here’s a look at how image choices are impacting ad costs across the Pattern89 data set today. 

ad imagery trends in cpc

The 2021 Creative Forecast details the creative decisions that will affect campaign costs throughout the year.

Each brand will have its own unique set of creative decisions to impact campaign effectiveness and lower costs. To discover more of today’s hottest creative predictions, download the 2021 Creative Forecast. And if you’d like to discover your brand’s best creative decisions, schedule a demo. 

How Does Pattern89’s AI Predict Winning Content? 

Top marketing teams in 2021 will consistently create winning content. That’s because A/B testing and educated guessing are obsolete. AI now predicts ad performance.

Pattern89 Predict unlocks creative insights for over 2,900 ad dimensions, including:

  • Image Direction – Creative direct with confidence. Pattern89 determines what image elements, colors, settings, facial expressions and more will help your campaigns reach their specific goals. 
  • Video Direction – Learn the video lengths, colors, onscreen text and creative assets your ads will need to succeed. 
  • Copywriting – Know what copy, emojis and character counts will work for you.
  • Ad Formatting – Get direction on which exact image dimensions will succeed on each platform and medium.

With unparalleled access to advertiser data, Pattern89’s creative predictions are over 95% accurate. This means you can know, with certainty, what creative decisions will make your campaigns perform.

To predict the creative that will win for your campaigns, schedule a demo and try the Pattern89 platform for yourself.