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AI Declares Strawberry Milkshakes the Best Ice Cream Ever

Bridget Johnston July 15, 2021

Strawberry milkshakes are the best ice cream in advertising, according to artificial intelligence.

In the lead-up to National Ice Cream Day, Pattern89’s AI analyzed creative for every instance of ice cream in digital advertising. It then ranked the top 5 flavors, in terms of popularity and engagement. 

The definitive ranking goes as follows: 

  1. Strawberry Milkshakes 
  2. Ice Cream in a Bowl 
  3. Chocolate Ice Cream
  4. Fruit Smoothies 
  5. Ice Cream with Sprinkles

What makes AI say that strawberry shakes top every other type of ice cream?

AI analyzed creative and declared strawberry shakes the best ice cream in advertising.

AI Analyzed Creative, Flavor and Engagement

For starters, fruit is the most popular flavor depicted in food within advertising imagery. Fruit is 160% more popular than chocolate. 

Fruit is also popular in marketing copywriting. The ? emoji is the most popular of ice cream-related emoji right now. It’s 6% more popular than ? and has twice as high of a CTR.

Even the ? emoji has a significantly higher click through rate than the chocolate bar.

When analyzing words and character counts, Pattern89 Analyze also determined that milkshakes are engaging in copywriting. In digital ad copy, the word “shake” has the highest CTR of any ice cream related word.

And finally, milkshakes in imagery are the most engaging type of ice cream. While smoothies and bowls of ice cream are more popular than milkshakes, the latter drives significantly more engagement. A milkshake’s CTR is 63% higher than a regular ice cream cone.

Why Does This Matter? 

It may feel like AI’s top five ice cream picks are just a silly list of hot takes. While you might disagree with the rankings, based on your own personal preferences, these findings are based on unbiased data analysis. 

By analyzing over 500 billion data points, across 11 years of digital marketing data, Pattern89’s AI arrived at its ice cream picks. 

This illustrates that our own human biases might not be correct. For example, many people would have guessed that other flavors– like Oreo or rocky road– would be the most engaging ice creams. Instead, we know with absolute certainty that the five flavors listed above are the most popular and clickable. 

Data has the real scoop on winning creative, whether you agree with its determinations or not.

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