The Q1 Product Release is here. ✨ Power every creative decision. Never A/B test again.

AI completes hours of work in 5 seconds. What else would you have it do?

Bridget Johnston September 24, 2019

Pattern89’s latest software release, titled Voyager, is taking social ads further than ever before. 

One of its greatest innovations is its Do Everything For Me feature. This beta feature automatically implements each AI-driven alert. It completes all ad optimizations instantly, getting advertisers to Inbox Zero faster than ever.

In fact, it eliminates hours of work in seconds! Marketers can now get to Inbox 0 in just 5 seconds with Pattern89’s Do Everything For Me feature. You can learn more about it here, and you can try our time-saving AI for free here. 

If you could eliminate lots of work in 5 seconds, what would you choose?

Our answers are… 

“Getting to work in the winter.” – Kunal, Software Engineer

“Feeding the cat and emptying the litter box.” – R. J., CEO

“Washing dishes.” – Essence, Graphic Designer  

“Commuting. Hands down, 70000%. I wish it could only take 5 seconds!” – Matt, Enterprise Account Executive

“Washing, folding, and hanging laundry.” – Bridget, Marketing Manager

“Mowing the yard!” – Jamie, Director of Customer Success