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AI and the Egg That Took Down Kylie Jenner: A Think Piece

Bridget Johnston January 17, 2019

You probably liked a photo of an egg on Instagram this week.

Whether your motive for liking the egg was to de-throne Kylie Jenner as the owner of Instagram’s most-liked post, or if you just thought the egg’s photograph had a good composition, it appealed to you.

Over the last several years, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing a variety of media go viral online. Our data science team can’t predict what social movement, such as de-throning a Hollywood socialite, will prompt the next big meme. We can, however, predict success in photography when applied to social ads. If you want to beat the egg, AI tells us you should consider including images featuring particular items in your ads.

Here are the image tags with the highest number of clicks on Facebook and Instagram:

  • People (particularly women)
  • Clothing/Apparel
  • Shoe/Boot/High Heel
  • Glasses
  • Plant
  • Paper
  • Dimples

Hopefully, that narrows your creative playing field. If you need additional inspiration, we’ve examined a few image macros and videos through the lens of our AI. Use their inspiration, and our data-backed findings, to give your contributions to the Internet a little boost.

Potato Salad: Your customers are hungry

Remember the Kickstarter to fund making potato salad? Did you back it? And were you confused as to why this food-based cause got so big?

It was simply funny, and while we can’t give you a data science-supported reason as to why this Kickstarter was so successful, we can give you some insights on how to use food to make your ads a success. Check out our ad trends report to see which foods have the highest likelihood of leading you to paid social success.

The Dog Known As Doge: The case for including dogs in your ads

Of course, social media users love looking at dogs. We’re all still looking at this particular shiba inu today, nine years after its photos were posted online.

So why not try to include a dog or two in your ads? Our AI says you should. In 2018, “dog” was the 6th-top performing image tag. ? was one of the top-performing emojis too.

The Dress: Let’s talk about color

Some said it was white. Some said it was blue. Some said it didn’t matter.

When it comes to your social ads, color matters quite a lot! AI can analyze billions of impressions and millions of observations to discover which colors in imagery will yield the highest returns. See what our AI found to be the hardest working colors on Facebook and Instagram. You’ll also see that a certain shade of blue really does come out on top.

Gangnam Style: Embracing variety

Our AI identified that 2018’s top-performing ads include lots people doing fun activities, which is what this music video is all about.

“Gangnam Style” embraces a variety of scene changes, random set pieces, props and more. Basically, it’s a testament to diversifying in your creative, experimenting and trying new things in order to be successful. If you’d like to get a few tips on how to include creative variety in your ads, you can watch our webinar “8 Ad-Boosting Tips in 9 Minutes” to get started.

Now that you have the comedic inspiration and the data-backed direction on how to get started producing your best social ads…