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AI Explained: How Algorithms Optimize Facebook Ads

Bridget Johnston June 4, 2019

There are several approaches to optimize Facebook ads. Using artificial intelligence to optimize ads is the fastest, most thorough, and most accurate way to do it. Let’s take a look under the hood of Pattern89’s AI to see exactly how its algorithms work.  

Traditional vs. AI Ad Optimization

Just like an AI-based optimization, traditional methods of ad optimization include looking at underperforming ads. With both methods, you’re able to determine how to update ads, based on age ranges, placements and other standard reportings.

AI blows the traditional method of ad analysis out of the water here. It analyzes a much larger data set than just one users’ ad account, in order to discover statistically significant findings from other ads that look similar. It studies every permutation of placement, device, interests, age ranges, behaviors, demographics and more to offer more customized insights.

The extent of this data includes:

  • 50 billion impressions
  • Millions of other digital ads
  • Over 2,900 dimensions of every single ad
  • All of these points above, across the past 7 years

Digging through this data daily, and understanding it so thoroughly is what makes AI for marketers so accountable. AI and its algorithms work to determine what ad adjustments will deliver the best possible results, because they understand what will optimize Facebook ads that look like yours. Receiving these insights on a daily basis helps keep ads timely and optimized toward reaching your specific goals.

At the long and short of it, AI algorithms work quickly and thoroughly, and they understand more data than a human can analyze within a single lifetime. 

Want to Get AI Working For Your Facebook Ads?

Now that you understand the depth that AI’s algorithms work to improve your ads, you can try them yourself. We’re offering free trials of the world’s best AI for Facebook, Instagram and Google ads. In two weeks, you’ll see a 21% increase in ROI. Get started now.