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AI Explained: How It Chooses the Right Creative Every Time

Bridget Johnston June 3, 2019

Think of your favorite creative marketing project. How did it perform?

Now imagine that it went viral. Imagine that it had all the hits, views and likes you think it deserved.

To get there, it might have needed a few adjustments made to its creative. No human can always pin-point the exact creative adjustments needed to expand ad reach and engagement, but AI always can. Here’s how today’s machine learning technology can inform your creative decisions for higher reach and engagement.

AI Knows What Digital Advertising Trends Work Best For You

First, let’s unpack how AI works to understand and improve digital ads. Every day, AI analyzes thousands of dimensions of every ad in your accounts, and identifies which ads should be performing better.

It then looks at these ads, and compares them to a wealth of advertiser data, including:

  • 50 billion impressions
  • Millions of other digital ads
  • Over 2,900 dimensions of every single ad
  • All of these points above, across the past 7 years

It analyzes all of this data and looks for statistically significant patterns and trends to help your ads perform better. It then recommends which adjustments need to be made, by delivering alerts to the Pattern89 console.

That’s more data than any engineer or scientist could analyze in a lifetime. Lucky for marketers though, AI can do it quickly and thoroughly every day. 

The Process of Finding Your Best Creative Is Analytical

As mentioned above, AI analyzes over 2,900 dimensions of millions of Facebook and Google ads, in order to find trends and patterns in successful creative. What all does it analyze?

  • AI will understand the entire history of your ad accounts. This includes your entire ad performances and creative histories across Facebook and Google.
  • It uses the latest advancements in computer vision to process imagery and videos.
  • It uses natural language processing to understand and glean insights into your ad copy performance.

This depth of creative understanding, paired with AI’s speed of data processing, can lead you to:

  • Identify what creative ad elements– including imagery, video content, copy, colors, and more– resonate best with different audiences.
  • Learn what works, and what doesn’t, for any ad at any time.
  • Unlock secrets to inform future creative decisions, just like SavageX and Fabletics did.

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