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AI Explained: How It Really Works for Digital Advertising

Bridget Johnston June 3, 2019

Everyone talks about marketing AI for digital advertising, but some marketers might be wondering what it actually does and how it can benefit them.

If you’re one of those marketers, today’s your lucky day! This video and blog post are here to break down how AI works for the digital advertising industry. Take a look below to see what it can do for you, and ultimately, why you should trust it to raise your benchmarks.

AI Understands Ad Benchmarks & Knows How to Scale Improvement

Every day, AI software takes a look at all the ads in any given account. It determines which ads are performing best, and which are performing worst by identifying the account’s benchmark. Once a benchmark is determined, the AI begins to figure out how to improve the ads that are performing below it.

Basically, it looks at the lowest performing ads and asks itself, “What is it about these ads that can be changed to improve their results?” Then, it begins to dig into data to find out.

It Understands Digital Advertising Trends Quickly and Thoroughly

After determining which ads could improve most, AI starts to analyze advertiser data. This advertiser data includes all the data within your ad account, as well as billions of other data points.

Just how much data does it analyze on a daily basis?

  • 50 billion impressions 
  • Millions of digital ads
  • Over 2,900 dimensions of every single digital ad
  • All of these points above, across the past 7 years

That’s a HUGE amount of data to understand, and a human wouldn’t be able to analyze it all within a single lifetime. Lucky for us though, AI is here to do it every single day. Plus, it gets adjusted to improve daily, making the AI smarter, and the ad returns better. 

It analyzes all of this data and looks for statistically significant patterns and trends to help your ads perform better. It then recommends which adjustments need to be made, by delivering alerts to the Pattern89 console.

AI is Only Getting Better From Here

Now that you have a taste for how AI can work for your digital ads, you can get started with it today.  Start raising your ROI and benchmark with a free two-week trial of Pattern89’s AI for Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads today.

In two weeks, you’ll see a 21% improvement in ROI. Get started here.