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AI Spills the Tea

Taylor Bickett June 18, 2021

Tea = truth. 

How this online phenomenon came to be what it is today, we’re not quite sure. It is said to have originated in black drag culture, in which the truth was commonly referred to as “the T.” From there, it was an easy jump to the beloved beverage and homophone “tea,” and the Internet has taken the saying and run with it.

You may know the phrase from the iconic Kermit meme, often accompanied by the hashtag #ButThatsNoneofMyBusiness. The picture was a still from a Lipton Tea ad, and it spread like wildfire on the Internet.

The hotter the tea, the juicier the gossip – or piece of truth – that’s being spilled. 

So, here’s the tea. You’re doing some things better than others, and you deserve to know which. 

Pattern89’s newest feature, Creative Insights, uses AI to analyze 49,000 creative dimensions to uncover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your ad creative in order to give you the tea, a.k.a. your marketing truths.

Once you have an understanding of what’s working (and what’s not) in your campaigns, you can use that knowledge to inform your future creative decisions. You’ll be able to create ads that you know will work before they ever leave your hands.

Seeing is believing, so let’s try it out on the Kermit meme. Warning: this tea is scalding!

Kermit’s SWOT Analysis

Strengths: Shades of green are driving clicks, like #40691B, the color of Kermit’s… skin? 

Weaknesses: People are currently engaging with ad creative that showcases a return to normal, especially live events and socializing. Kermit looks a bit lonely in this photo. Maybe it would be more effective if he had some other tea-drinking Muppet friends with him!

Opportunities: The steaming cup of tea, ☕, is the most effective emoji for brand awareness campaigns. Consider using it in your caption!

Threats: If you were going to run this ad on Instagram, you should switch it up. Facebook Audience Network is the most cost-effective platform for single image ads.

Your marketing truths are waiting for you – every last drop! Creative Insights is currently available for all Pattern89 customers on the platform. If you’re not a customer, you can still try out this feature. Get your free custom SWOT analysis here, or schedule a demo today to watch it in action.