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Announcing Gemini: Marketing AI That Gives You Time

Bridget Johnston June 21, 2019

Marketing AI will now free up your calendar and give you time to think.

Pattern89 is excited to announce the Gemini Release of our AI platform. Gemini is a bundle of new product features that saves time by automating previously manual tasks. These features were created throughout Gemini Season, and just like their astrological namesake, they are highly intelligent and intuitive.

Do This For Me Button: Automating Your To-Do List

With a single click, Pattern89 will make adjustments to your ads to maximize their performance.

After analyzing billions of data points daily, Pattern89’s AI sends users alerts, describing how to optimize ads for higher performance. With the release of Gemini, Pattern89’s alerts will now include a Do This For Me Button that takes care of updating ads on its own.

Matching Media: The Most In-Depth Creative Analysis in Seconds

Analyze creative performance in seconds. With Gemini’s Matching Media feature, marketers will be able to analyze performance across all ads sharing the same imagery or videos.

With the click of a button, Pattern89 users will see all their creative stack-ranked, in order of performance, with combined analytics across each individual ad ID.

Export Report: Presentation-Ready, Data-Backed Reports

Don’t spend time creating your reports when AI will do it for you! Gemini’s Export Report feature delivers customized, presentation-ready reports from the Pattern89 Planner. These reports are full of key creative data and they look great.

Your stakeholders will be impressed and your calendar will be freed up.

If you would like to see what Gemini can do for you, get your free AI-backed ad assessment here.