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Announcing Hubble: Empower creative, with marketing AI for everyone.

Bridget Johnston December 16, 2019

Your entire team– from executives to creatives– can now access AI-backed marketing insights, thanks to Hubble’s updates on the Pattern89 platform. 

Custom Creative Dashboards: Access Ad Data Faster Than Ever

Hubble’s biggest feature is its release of Custom Creative Dashboards. These dashboards allow users to quickly and easily access the information they care most about. Custom Creative Dashboards surface relevant insights across 2,900+ creative dimensions, and can be customized to showcase creative performance drivers for different funnel stages, verticals, demographics and geographies.

Setup is easy, and including Custom Creative Dashboards in your Pattern89 account saves time that would have otherwise been spent digging through data. This evolution continues our commitment to saving marketers time, by delivering actionable insights in one easy-to-access place. 

Transparency for Teams: Everyone Can Use AI’s Insights

In a move that supports our transparent approach to marketing AI, our Custom Creative Dashboards can deliver insights to everyone. Dashboards can be setup in just two clicks, and they can be customized to showcase creative performance data across various funnel stages, verticals, products, and more. Now your entire company, from marketers to designers to executive stakeholders, can access important data that provides visibility and helps teams achieve their goals.

Whether you’re an executive that needs to understand campaign conversion rates, or a creative that needs to know which emojis to include in your Facebook ads, you can create a Pattern89 dashboard that automatically surfaces the creative dimensions that drive performance for your business.. 

If you’d like a look at the creative insights AI can provide to your marketing, download a free digital ad scorecard. It’ll analyze over 2,900 creative dimensions of your ads, so you get more impressions, clicks and conversions.