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Announcing: The Pattern89 Hex Code of the Year

Bridget Johnston December 17, 2018

In keeping up with their annual tradition, Pantone announced their color of the year– Living Coral.

This color, which is supposed to “embrace us with warmth and nourishment and provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment” got us thinking… What would be the hex code of the year?

We put our AI to work, analyzing billions of impressions and millions of observations to discover which colors have yielded the highest returns in paid social ads. Because there are so many differences in ad types and formats being used on Facebook and Instagram, we’ve assembled a list of hex code colors that have been most successful in the past twelve months.

We’ve also selected the Pattern89 Hex Code of 2018…

Top Color by Ad Media Type

These are the colors that performed best for video ads and image-based ads.

The color with the highest ROAS for videos is: #004080, giving its ads a ROAS of 24.3.

The color with the highest ROAS for image-based ads is: #C0C0FF. It gives its ads a ROAS of 12.6.

Top Color by Platform

Which color performed best over-all on Instagram? Which was best on Facebook?

Top performing ads on Instagram feature… #4080C0. It helped ads average a ROAS of 19.2.

Top performing ads on Facebook feature… #004080. It gave its ads a ROAS of 12.7.

Top Color by Ad Format

Here’s one for the online retailers! What were the top colors for carousel ads and collection ads?

The best performing carousel ads contained the hex code #00AA00, giving them a ROAS of 90.

The best performing collection format ads contained the hex code #AA0000, giving them a ROAS of 44.

So what does all this mean? And what do we think wins hex code of the year?

After looking through all the data our AI provided us, we were able to see that cool colors have been very successful for advertisers on Facebook and Instagram. Even the red tone that proved to be successful for collection-format ads was a cooler toned red.

Given the patterns we’ve seen develop in color success on social ads, and considering cross-platform performance, we have chosen The Pattern89 Hex Code of the Year to be… #004080.

Here’s why: Not only has this cool-toned and subdued color offered video ads the highest ROAS possible, it was also prominently featured in Facebook’s top-performing ads. It’s a classic color that can be used to compliment more vibrant color selections. We feel as though #004080 embodies the year of 2018 because it’s a standby that brings balance and harmony to ads that make bold statements. We could all use some harmony in our lives and our work. This cool and tasteful color can help us accomplish just that in paid social.

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