Can robots choreograph a ballet? They can’t! ✨ Humans are the true creatives… and AI is here to help.

Announcing: The Pattern89 Planner

Bridget Johnston November 13, 2018

Starting now, AI for creative ad elements will make your campaigns deliver better returns and higher revenue. We’re introducing the Pattern89 Planner, and it’s the secret weapon that will tell you what creative will work for ads at all stages of your funnel.

The Planner will analyze your ads at a granular level, to help you and your team develop stronger campaigns for larger reach and better results. ARGO, our AI, is hard at work in the Planner, analyzing millions of advertiser data points against your data. This means ARGO will determine what ad elements are resonating best with your target audiences at different stages of your conversion process.

How it applies to your Facebook and Instagram ad creative

The Planner is able to analyze and find what creative has been driving results at different stages of your marketing funnel. Select what your ad goals are and the Planner will serve you which ads were most successful, and least successful, in reaching that goal. It’ll highlight statistically significant ad elements for your selected goal, so you’re informed on how to plan ads moving forward.

The Planner offers dozens of insights on your ads’ creative impact. It analyzes:

  • Ad placement
    • Which format is working best– images, carousels or videos?
    • Which CTA is getting the highest click-thru rate?
  • Headline and body copy dimensions
    • What character count is most successful?
    • What messaging sentiment is delivering for you?
    • Are particular emojis resonating?
  • Image dimensions
    • Are square, portrait or landscape images working hardest for you?  
    • What colors are resonating the most for your brand?
    • Do photos with a certain number of faces lead to greater success?
    • Which image tags will get you the results you need?
  • Video dimensions
    • What length of video is the sweet spot for your ads?
    • How many scene changes are audiences wanting?
    • What kind of text can and should you include in your video ads?
  • Audience analysis
    • It also allows you to refine your target audiences and campaign goals, so you know what creative dimensions are most effective for people throughout all stages of your funnel.

How it applies to everything else

Your primary goal for the Planner will likely be to use it to guide your Facebook and Instagram ads, but don’t just stop there.

Creative insights delivered from our AI can be applied to other parts of your marketing efforts. For example, the Planner can give insights on what kind of photo shoots or graphic design your brand needs to do for future campaigns. You can also learn about what type of headline, body and CTA copy will resonate best, and apply it to email and organic social marketing.

So are you ready to unlock your brand’s creative secrets through the power of AI? Take a closer look at our Planner by scheduling a demo today.