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How to Apply the KonMari Method to Your Ads

Bridget Johnston January 31, 2019

Tidying up is sweeping the nation. Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method has been teaching us how to tidy up our homes. Characteristics of her methodology can also be used to assess your paid social ads, tidy them up, and improve your general social advertising strategy.

How can this be? Let’s go through the KonMari Method together and apply its steps to paid social.

Step 1 – Get in the Right Headspace

KonMari Method: Commit yourself to tidying up.

Pattern89 Method: Commit yourself to improving your ads.

Center yourself. Make a commitment to improving this part of your work. It’ll pay off, in both time and returns, eventually.

Step 2 – Determine a Goal

KonMari Method: Imagine your ideal lifestyle.

Pattern89 Method: Imagine your ideal relationship with your Facebook and Instagram ads.

Imagine the world where you don’t have to worry about how your ads are performing. Imagine hitting your quarterly goals. Imagine identifying and reaching your customers in ways you never knew you could.

Sounds lovely, right? Let’s keep going. We’ll get you there.

Step 3 – Out With the Old

KonMari Method: Finish discarding first.

Pattern89 Method: Identify and discard your underperforming ads.

You might find some ads aren’t performing well. If they’re performing poorly, take them out of rotation. Pattern89’s AI will be able to dig deep and provide details on why they’re performing that way, so you know what to start avoiding in the future.

Step 4 – Tidying Up

KonMari Method: Tidy by category, not by location.

Pattern89 Method: Tidy up all your ads, not just the ones you feel like addressing.

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the under-performers, it’s time to take care of the ads that are performing mediocre to well. Improvements can always be made, and you should commit them. Our next step will help you make this happen.

Step 5 – Go Step-by-Step

KonMari Method: Follow the right order.

Pattern89 Method: Follow ad alert steps.

Some of your ads will need adjustments. Ad alerts will tell you what to do. They’re data-backed and easy to implement, so you’ll know exactly what to do next to receive a higher impact from your ads. These alerts will tell you the right steps needed to increase revenue, boost creative, target audiences better, and more.

Step 6 – A Serious Question to Ask Yourself

KonMari Method: Ask yourself if it sparks joy.

Pattern89 Method: Ask yourself if it increases revenue.

This can be a challenging question to face. We might be personally fond of some ads, and not want to revise or get rid of them. Luckily, machine learning can help us understand exactly what is boosting our ad returns, so facing this ultimate question will be a little easier.

If you’d like your ads to spark a little joy in your life, try implementing 3 AI-backed tips. We’ll give them to you for free, so why not get started trying the Pattern89 Method today?