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The ARGO Engine and What It Can Do For You

Bridget Johnston July 20, 2018

Marketers today have access to tons of data, but there’s little direction on what to do with it. The mission of Pattern89 is to give access to actionable data to make advertising easier and more effective. How are we able to do that?

Our approach to helping marketers deliver the most effective paid social ads is by providing them a platform to analyze their ads, coaching them through the best decisions for their campaigns, and reporting back on how their campaigns are performing.

Underneath these three steps to success is our ARGO engine which gives us a unique edge to analyzing thousands of ad elements to find statistically significant patterns that boost performance. ARGO’s insights are delivered as actionable to-do lists in clients’ custom consoles, which in-turn, keep their social ad strategies up-to-date and maximized for performance.

Named after the first ship to sail the sea, which carried Jason and the Argonauts on their mission, the ARGO engine is the first of its kind.

Here’s how it works:

  1. It gathers data at scale in the Pattern89 Data Co-op, which has access to brand metrics and metadata for hundreds of thousands of ads across hundreds of brands.
  2. It analyzes thousands of ad dimensions, including images, audience, creative, and more. The list of the elements getting analyzed is always growing.
  3. The engine uses proprietary algorithms to conduct tests to look for trends or ad elements with statistical significance.
  4. We then take those findings and pass them through additional machine-powered tests to find variance in performance not visible to the human eye. If we find positive– or negative– results we make recommendations to our customers to take action.
  5. The engine evaluates thousands of possible coaching actions and surfaces the most significant and impactful. As you complete these actions, our engine will make them increasingly relevant by being responsive to you and your brand.

ARGO helps us see what our human eyes can’t, and it helps us predict the future. It’s pretty neat, but also super helpful to get the best return on ad spend possible.

If you’d like to get an idea of what ARGO can do, you can get a free trial of the Pattern89 console.