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So you’re a _____ marketer that wants to _____.

Bridget Johnston January 15, 2020

Fill in the blanks below and show it to your boss or team. It will help reach your goals and prove your ideas with AI-backed data.  I’m a marketer… and...

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Bridget Johnston, Author at Pattern89

December 2, 2019

Pattern89’s Marketing AI in the News

Bridget Johnston

The importance of artificial intelligence in marketing is ever-increasing, and news outlets like Forbes and Adweek are taking notice. Below are a few pieces featuring Pattern89, that discuss how marketers...

December 2, 2019

Podcast Features: Marketing AI is Needed for 2020

Bridget Johnston

AI has been the highlight of several marketing podcasts over the last year. Advertisers, strategists and influencers can’t stop talking about how important it is! Here are our favorite podcasts...