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A Robot Slayer Summary: How Marketing AI Will Help Creatives

Bridget Johnston August 6, 2019

You hear a lot about AI, and you may worry that a robot will take your job. It won’t, but it will make your work better. If you want proof...

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Despi Ross, Author at Pattern89 | Page 3 of 3

June 4, 2017

Three ways experimentation makes products better

Despi Ross

Written by: Jeff Cunning, Quantifi VP of Product Product strategy is one of the most pivotal elements of any software company. Product managers spend day and night honing and tweaking...

June 4, 2017

The human impact of machine learning

Despi Ross

Written by: Matt Brown, Quantifi CTO I’m involved in lots of conversations lately where the topic of machine learning or artificial intelligence comes up. These conversations include everything from self-driving...