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Shutterstock Announces Formation Of Shutterstock.AI And The Acquisition Of Three Leading Artificial Intelligence Platforms

Taylor Bickett July 27, 2021

Shutterstock.AI to offer computer vision and predictive performance solutions with the goal of enhancing creative performance New York, NY – July 27, 2021 – Shutterstock, Inc. (NYSE: SSTK), a leading...

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Taylor Bickett, Author at Pattern89

July 19, 2021

Battle on the Big Screen

Taylor Bickett

There’s nothing like escaping the summer heat for a few hours, cozying up with a tub of popcorn, and watching the latest movie release. Now that cinemas are finally reopening...

July 9, 2021

Extreme Makeover: Post-COVID Edition

Taylor Bickett

Three-inch roots. Split ends. Desperation. Hair dye from a box. Cutting your own bangs. Sound familiar? It should. No, it’s not the trailer for the next horror movie (but that’s...

July 8, 2021

Think Outside of the Box

Taylor Bickett

Where’s the fun in coloring inside the lines? Normal is boring. Weird is good. You’ve heard all the clichés, watched all the coming-of-age movies, read all the self-help books. It’s...

June 18, 2021

AI Spills the Tea

Taylor Bickett

Tea = truth.  How this online phenomenon came to be what it is today, we’re not quite sure. It is said to have originated in black drag culture, in which...

June 15, 2021

Truth Hurts

Taylor Bickett

The truth hurts. Lizzo knows it and you do too, but learning about your weaknesses will make you stronger… You’re doing a lot of things right. But there are ways...