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BoxUp sees 220% increase in ROAS with Pattern89

R.J. Talyor September 18, 2018

After just 5 days of implementing Pattern89 account health alerts, BoxUp saw nearly a 40% increase in their conversion ROAS. And, over 3 months, they had a 220% increase in ROAS.

They achieved this by engaging prospective customers with a full-funnel advertising approach  and implementing innovative targeting recommendations made by Pattern89’s ARGO engine.

When the AI-driven ARGO engine analyzed BoxUp’s social ad data, the platform found huge opportunities to build out the full funnel on paid social to maximize results. BoxUp took the following steps to increase traffic and conversion:

  • Cast a wider net with new data-driven audiences and better-performing ad objectives to run campaigns that made potential customers more aware of the brand.
  • Ran data-driven awareness campaigns with the goal of acquiring new prospects to bolster retargeting audiences for consideration.
  • Ran revised conversion campaigns with optimized audience targeting and messaging guided by Pattern89’s statistically significant data.

BoxUp previously focused solely on conversion objectives, as many digital marketers do, but the Pattern89 platform revealed less expensive ad objectives and audiences to help build the funnel and boost conversion performance throughout the entire buyer’s journey.

They went from dedicating 0% of their paid social efforts in awareness and consideration, to dedicating 30% in each of those areas. The results were very positive.

“Pattern89 coached us through the specifics of what we needed to do to better engage with customers,” said Jess Bicknell Digital Marketing Manager at  BoxUp, “and we’re so happy we took their advice. Our team is small, and we don’t have a lot of time to spend brainstorming ways to improve our social campaigns. The platform made it easy to get clear, reliable direction on how to improve our ads.”

Recommendations surfaced by Pattern89’s ARGO engine are reliable because it analyzes thousands of ad dimensions– including images, audiences, creative elements, and more– to make the best recommendations for each brand. It will then evaluate thousands of possible tasks marketers could take, before surfacing the most significant and impactful ones. When offered this direction, BoxUp trusted in the platform’s findings, and implemented its recommendations.

“By learning who we needed to be communicating with earlier in the sales process, we were able to get better returns very quickly” said Bicknell.

“Pattern89 is a great tool to add to our toolbox. It allows our digital marketing team to do more in less time. With the many hats we have to wear as a lean organization, a tool that helps make life easier and results stronger is a no-brainer.” said Jen Perry, CMO of BoxUp.

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