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Campaign Budget Optimization is coming. Will it change your AI strategy?

Bridget Johnston August 28, 2019

If you advertise on Facebook and Instagram, you know that Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) is coming in September. Here’s what you need to know about this update, in general and as a Pattern89 customer. 

Spoiler alert: Using Pattern89’s AI will continue to provide you increased control, transparency, and performance.

What is Campaign Budget Optimization?

The CBO update puts Facebook’s algorithm in control of advertisers’ campaign-level budget, instead of allowing advertisers to control their own budgets across ads sets. The algorithm is intended to distribute budget across a campaign to maximize results for top-performing ad sets. If Facebook doesn’t believe an ad set will perform well, the algorithm will move money away from it.

Basically, instead of advertisers choosing where to allocate ad spend, Facebook will do this for them.

How will CBO affect my Pattern89 AI?

Our customers won’t notice major differences in their day-to-day usage of Pattern89, and they will still be able to utilize our AI platform’s benefits beyond budget updates.

The Pattern89 platform complements CBO perfectly and provides additional layers of increased control, transparency and performance. Instead of simply moving budget away from your underperforming ad sets, Pattern89 actively helps you improve these ad sets with AI-driven modifications to placement and targeting. The AI gets out ahead of underperformance issues, so you can continue to maximize spend volume with solid returns.

In addition, Pattern89’s AI finds useful budget changes, often days ahead of CBO, to provide even stronger spend efficiency. These changes can be made in a simple click of a button, with our new “Ad Set Optimization” alerts, which have been designed to complement Facebook’s CBO. This results in even better spending for Pattern89 customers, due to AI’s early discoveries. 

Will I still have an edge when using marketing AI?

When deploying AI on your marketing efforts, you will always have an edge. Pattern89 users will be able to discover budget updates sooner, and AI will work to enhance ad performance before budget adjustments need to be made.

Along with budget-focused enhancements, AI will determine what creative will lead to higher returns, how to most effectively target your audiences, and more. It gives the ultimate edge for Facebook ad strategy.