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Can AI Make Us More Creative?

Bridget Johnston April 27, 2021

Humans and machines have different skill sets. 

For example, humans are good at creativity. Throughout history, people have painted masterpieces. People have constructed beautiful buildings. We’ve written novels. We’ve climbed mountains, raised families and left legacies. 

Throughout their own history, computers have evolved as well. 

But what does this mean for the modern creative?

Can human creativity and artificial intelligence be blended? 

And ultimately, can AI make us better creatives? 

Understanding Algorithms = More Efficient Marketing Creative

Remember how I mentioned that humans have created the greatest masterpieces of all time? 

Comparatively speaking, computers can’t reach this level of creativity. When this is even attempted, AI-driven artworks can look bland, strange or even alien. 

Despite their shortcomings in creative thinking, computers have massively helpful skills to lend to the modern marketer. Today’s artificial intelligence solutions can process massive amounts of information in just a few seconds. They can help us solve problems by finding patterns and trends in the data we feed them. 

Machine learning algorithms can “see” and label the contents in advertisements. They can understand emotions, facial expressions, age ranges, and copywriting sentiment. They can even track movement, answer questions and explore simple creative endeavors.

Algorithms can also predict what creative marketing performance with over 95% accuracy. 

This means that machines can predict which creative combinations– from colors to character counts– will perform best for any brand, audiences and campaign goals. With this capability, they can even assemble and launch top-performing ad campaigns. 

Artificial intelligence has the ability to predict the future. This is something no marketer would ever want to miss out on.

Embracing AI = Better Marketing Performance 

Only people can think up the next great advertising campaign. We’re the ones with the ideas. Thanks to advancements in AI, we can now lean into the power that machines are offering us.

In fact, here’s how six artists did exactly that in for our Virtual Museum.

Once big ideas and creative concepts are formulated, marketers can use AI’s predictions to determine the granular decisions that will optimize campaign performance. Algorithms will also keep these campaigns at peak performance, once they’re up and running. 

Now’s the time to use AI as a creative support tool. Just like a painter’s brush or a musician’s instrument, artificial intelligence is here to enhance the genius that creative marketers bring to our world. 

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