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Ogilvy Social Lab Kicks Up Results Using Pattern89 Marketing AI

Ogilvy Social.Lab

The global advertising and marketing agency Ogilvy Social.Lab wanted to see if AI could improve ad performance, in comparison to automatic optimization. After connecting with Pattern89’s AI for Facebook and Instagram...

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Retailer 4Knines triples spend volume with marketing AI


Online pet goods retailer, 4Knines wanted to see if Pattern89’s AI could improve performance on their current creative. Pattern89’s Ad Extender allowed their marketers to predict which existing creative elements...

Fabletics, SavageX, and JustFab see creative boosts with Pattern89

TechStyle brands Fabletics, SavageX, and JustFab

TechStyle brands see creative boosts with Pattern89. Roles across companies benefit. TechStyle’s apparel brands– JustFab, Fabletics and Savage X– have been using Pattern89’s Planner to learn more about macro and...