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AI for Agencies Drives Results for Single Grain’s Enterprise Client

Single Grain

Single Grain provides marketing services to pivotal companies across every industry, and they deployed Pattern89’s AI for agencies on one of their largest enterprise accounts. 

Much of Single Grain’s goals revolved around increasing financial success, driving conversions, and optimizing creative performance. When implementing AI for Facebook and Instagram ads, Pattern89 and Single Grain were looking to determine: 

  • Can granular updates to ad placement pay off in increased conversions?
  • How can ad creative be optimized to drive conversions?
  • What changes in budget allocation will decrease CPR, and keep it under target costs?

With these goals in mind, Pattern89 started discovering how to reach them. It analyzed over 2,900 dimensions of every Single Grain ad, and compared those dimensions to billions of other advertiser data points. On a daily basis, Pattern89 used this extensive data analysis to surface adjustments that needed to be made to ads. 

The Results

Within just one week, Single Grain saw staggering results for their client. 

  • Conversions increased 9%, as a direct result of Pattern89’s insights.
  • CPR decreased 7%, and remained well under their target.
  • Single Grain received direction on creative enhancements, and after implementing these enhancements, their ads continued to increase conversions.

All of these goals were achieved by spending just 6 minutes a day in Pattern89’s platform.

The Takeaway

Combining the precision and insights of Pattern89’s AI for agencies with the client expertise of Single Grain lead to maximized ad returns in just one week. Many of the incremental ad changes could be implemented in just a click, and within a short amount of time, AI helped Single Grain’s enterprise client reach even more success.

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