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AI Gives Advertising Agency’s Customers an Advantage

Sneeze It

Sneeze It is a marketing agency that has been using Pattern89’s creative AI for their client accounts. Despite the difficulties that the coronavirus pandemic brought to many industries, Sneeze It’s clients have been able to thrive with artificial intelligence.


AI Is the Tool Agencies Need, Especially in Uncertain Times

Sneeze It focuses its efforts in lead generation and customer conversion. Having the right tools to succeed with these efforts is crucial for their DTC clients who advertise on Facebook and Instagram. As the coronavirus pandemic hit, many advertisers got cold feet and drastically decreased their ad spend.

Despite this happening, Sneeze It’s customers were still able to succeed with social media advertising. Pattern89’s AI made real time, data backed predictions that increased their ad returns. These highly accurate creative predictions made brands’ sales processes more efficient.

Pattern89 is the Perfect Advertising Agency AI

With Pattern89, marketers and agencies have a leg up over their competition. Its AI analyzes billions of creative and consumer data points every day. This means it can make personalized and timely predictions to improve your Facebook and Instagram ads.

Pattern89’s advertising agency AI helps teams:

  • Analyze what has worked – Agencies can view a lifetime Facebook ad analytics, and generate client-ready reports, in a click.
  • Predict what will work – Marketers can have confidence in what will work for upcoming campaigns, with highly accurate creative predictions.
  • Optimize in-flight ads – Teams receive daily alerts to their inboxes. They can go live with targeting and placement optimizations, in just a click.

If you want to see how Pattern89 can reduce marketing waste and predict performance for your brands, schedule your platform demo.