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AI Leads to Healthy Ad Sets for Healthcare and Pharma Marketing

Healthcare and Pharma marketing is arguably the toughest pills to swallow when it comes to creative flexibility.

A major agency practicing in this vertical uses Pattern89’s AI to find and leverage content changes that will yield maximum ad-performance for pharma marketing.

A few interesting things they found in some of their clients’ data are:

  • Longer character count in copy results in a lower cost per result.
  • Single images convert better than product carousels, or even video, for healthcare messages. This is a generally atypical trend.
  • Food imagery performs 10x better than any other visual– from people to products– regardless of the messaging.

Additionally, agency clients of Pattern89 love the Creative Planner’s export feature. It allows them to run data queries on every single feature of an ad across their entire creative history, and also downloads the information into a ready-to-present format. Time and time again, it’s proven perfect for last-minute client requests and showcase meetings!

If you’d like to see what Pattern89’s AI can do for your ads, get a custom Creative Assessment.