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Athletic apparel brands score big with Pattern89

FinishLine, Rhone, Lids

Athletic apparel brands like FinishLine, Lids and Rhone have trusted Pattern89’s apparel retailer marketing AI to increase returns on Facebook ads. Their users saw an average of a 21% increase in key metric within just two weeks of using it.

These brands were looking to:

  • Improve overall ROAS and decrease CPC
  • Expand reach
  • Identify creative that will lead them to the highest returns possible

A few of the big results these brands saw were:

  • Rhone saw a 125% increase in ROAS, a 94% decrease in campaign-specific CPC, and a 44% decrease in CPC across all Facebook and Instagram ad accounts.
  • FinishLine discovered which platforms, ad formats, ad placements and audience targeting work best yield the highest returns.
  • All these brands uncovered deeper insights than they could have when simply using Facebook Ads Manager.

Customer Takes on AI for Digital Ads

“Pattern89 has helped us accomplish a very difficult task: discovering the combination of creative, audience and channel placements that are optimal for specific products and categories. The paid social ecosystem is complex and this AI platform helped us find trends and patterns that were hidden in a mountain of data.”   – Scott Hamlin, VP of Marketing at Finish Line.

“Pattern89 alerts are spotting opportunities that our team can’t see without AI.” – Kyle Johnson, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Rhone

If you’d like to see what Pattern89’s AI can do for your ads, get a custom Creative Assessment.