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Bump Boxes, A Subscription Box Company, Sees Bump in Ad ROI

Bump Boxes

Bump Boxes is an online retailer that provides subscription boxes to pregnant women. Because their business operates online, their team was looking to increase the effectiveness of their subscription box marketing.

The Pattern89 Solution

Bump Boxes wanted to increase ad effectiveness and drive conversions, while lowering advertising costs. When implementing AI for their Facebook and Instagram ads, Bump Boxes and Pattern89 were looking to determine: 

  • What audience targeting adjustments can be made to drive conversions for this brand? 
  • What creative concepts– such as colors, photography and copy– will lead to higher engagement with potential customers? 
  • Can alerts identified by AI be implemented quickly and easily?

With these goals in mind, Pattern89 started discovering how to reach them. It analyzed over 2,900 dimensions of every ad Bump Boxes historically ran, and compared those dimensions to billions of other advertiser data points. On a daily basis, Pattern89 used this extensive data analysis to surface adjustments that needed to be made to ads. 

The Results

After two months of using Pattern89’s marketing AI to enhance their digital advertising, Bump Boxes saw the following:

  • Purchase volume increased 49%
  • CPA decreased 30%.
  • Alerts decreased some ad costs as much as 50%.

All of these results were achieved in less than 9 minutes a day, thanks to Pattern89’s time-saving features, such as the Do This For Me Button. 

The Takeaway

Implementing Pattern89’s AI on Bump Boxes’ ads lead to maximized ad returns in just two weeks. By determining the goals their team needed to reach, Pattern89 was able to help Bump Boxes see a big bump in Facebook and Instagram ad ROI.

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