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Creative AI by Pattern89 Lifts Conversion Rates Up to 30%

Eleven Fifty Academy

Eleven Fifty Academy is a coding, cybersecurity and UX/UI tech school. Historically, their classes were all in-person. Due to the coronavirus crisis, all classes were moved online and their entire marketing strategy changed.


AI Helps Marketing Succeed, Even in Uncertain Times

Because their business model had to adapt to social distancing, Eleven Fifty Academy’s marketing needed to pivot quickly. Pattern89’s data driven, AI-powered advertising predictions helped their team adjust creative and achieve greater results than ever before.

  • Pattern89 increased conversions 15-30%, across the board.
  • Eleven Fifty Academy achieved their highest conversion rate ever, while saving time, money and effort.
  • Insights from artificial intelligence provided creative insights that benefitted their marketing efforts, beyond Facebook and Instagram ads.

The Eleven Fifty Academy Takeaway: Marketers Can Depend on Creative AI

Pattern89’s AI platform was able to determine fast-paced changes in creative demand and consumer behavior. Its data-backed insights told the marketing team at Eleven Fifty Academy what would, and wouldn’t work for their ad campaigns. Despite the uncertainty that coronavirus brought to the marketing world, Eleven Fifty Academy was able to succeed through it, with Pattern89.

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