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Sporting Goods Retailer revenue climbed with Xcite’s use of AI platform

Denver Outfitters

The Goal

Sporting goods retailer, Denver Outfitters’ agency Xcite was looking to determine how to adjust their client’s audience targeting and budget allocation to get higher ad returns.

The Pattern89 Solution

Pattern89’s AI analyzed several experimental sporting goods retailer campaigns, focusing on different goals every month. The AI analyzed over 2,400 dimensions of every ad to gain insights on Denver Outfitters’ in-flight campaigns.

Xcite, Denver Outfitters and Pattern89 were all seeking to answer a few questions:

  • How can audiences be better targeted to improve CPR and ROAS?
  • Are there particular ad placements and formats that lead to greater success for their brand?
  • How should budget allocation be modified to see better returns?

The Results

One month after implementing Pattern89’s AI to analyze their ads, Denver Outfitters saw:

  • ROAS increased by 29%
  • Revenue increased by 32%
  • Pattern89 also predicted how Denver Outfitters could boost these results even more, by providing them with a Missed Opportunity Report, that indicated what the numbers would have looked like if they completed all of Pattern89’s suggested alerts.

The Takeaway

Combining the precision of Pattern89’s AI with the client expertise of Xcite helped Denver Outfitters see higher return on their Facebook ads. Enhancing creative from the AI’s insights, targeting audiences more precisely, and learning how to best place and spend on ads delivered big wins for all teams in just one month.

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