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Digital ad agency Ogilvy Social.Lab Kicks Up Results using Pattern89 Marketing AI

Ogilvy Social.Lab

The global digital ad agency Ogilvy Social.Lab wanted to see if AI could improve ad performance, in comparison to automatic optimization. After connecting with Pattern89’s AI for Facebook and Instagram ads, their success with AI began.

The Pattern89 AI Solution

In just a few clicks, Pattern89 was set up to optimize ads for a global athletic footwear company that is one of Ogilvy Social.Lab’s clients. A control campaign of the same ads was also in play, and the two campaigns ran simultaneously.

Throughout the campaign run time, Ogilvy Social.Lab was looking to achieve:

  • Larger ad reach and consumer engagement
  • Improved cost efficiency while maximizing scale
  • Increased revenue and incremental purchases

Every day, Pattern89’s AI analyzed over 2,900 dimensions of the footwear company’s ads, as well as billions of other advertiser data points. It gave Ogilvy Social.Lab’s team daily alerts on exact ways to optimize performance, and they completed these alerts in just one click. Over the course of three weeks, Ogilvy Social.Lab completed most of Pattern89’s alerts.

The Results

Ogilvy Social.Lab ran the AI-informed ads and the control ads for three weeks with equal spend. In comparison to the control group, Pattern89’s ad sets saw:

  • Delivered 41% more impressions
  • Decreased CPM by 29%
  • Drove 5% higher revenue

Ogilvy Social.Lab’s Takeaway

Deploying Pattern89’s AI-backed insights on Facebook and Instagram ads immediately lead to significantly stronger performance across all key success metrics. Plus, the creative insights detected patterns and outliers available beyond the human eye. If you want to see how AI will improve your Facebook and Instagram ads, try it free.