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Wpromote saves hours per week with Pattern89’s marketing AI


Wpromote, a digital marketing agency that works with top-tier ecommerce retailers, has deployed Pattern89’s marketing AI on digital ad accounts. 

Their team has been using Pattern89’s Planner to get an in-depth look at ad creative for Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Planner’s insights– analyzing ad photography, colors, copy, video length and more– have been helping their teams make decisions to optimize ads and maximize revenue. Planner does this by analyzing over 2,900 dimensions of Wpromote’s ads, and comparing them to billions of advertiser data points, finding statistically significant creative trends that will boost ad performance for this digital marketing agency.

Planner’s auto-generated and client-ready reports have also been useful to the team at Wpromote. These reports save teams hours every week, so they can focus on other creative and client-focused endeavors.

“Planner is amazing! This saves at least 2-3 hours of time, probably more, every Monday as we provide weekly creative insights to our client!” said Sierra Hillinger, Associate Director at Wpromote. 

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